Chris ProfileChris was born and raised in the Charleston, SC area. He got involved with the church during his high school years. He graduated in 2003 and attended a local college for 3 semesters. Chris was coaxed into attending Teen Mania’s Honor Academy as an intern in the summer of 2004. His life was forever changed after his experience there. He first travelled outside of the US (minus Canada) in August of 2005. He helped lead a 2 week mission trip with Global Expeditions of over 100 11-13 year-olds to Costa Rica. Chris knew from that point on that he was born to travel. He stayed at Teen Mania for 3 years travelling with Acquire the Fire and working with live production; even driving a semi-truck for the ministry. Chris travelled most of the United States by car, bus, semi-truck and airplane during his time there.

Kwan ProfileWhile, at the internship he became friends with Jonathon Yant. God had put Cambodia on his heart. Almost 8 years after his initial vision for ministry in Cambodia, Jonathon finally made plans for his first trip. He called Chris, after being out of touch with each other for almost 3 years, asking him to come along on the trip. In September of 2010, they made their first trip to Cambodia. With no set plans and very few contacts, they made it safely. Through God’s divine appointment they got acquainted with Water of Life. The foundation for future ministry in Cambodia was laid and Chris met Kwan, who was also serving at Water of Life at the same time.

Kwan was born and raised in Isaan Thailand (Northeast Thailand). She was raised in a Buddhist home just like 99.9% of Thai people. The Thai motto is, “to be Thai is to be Buddhist, and to be Buddhist is to be Thai.” Kwan first traveled outside Thailand in 2002 for a foreign exchange program in Switzerland for her senior year. There, she was introduced to God, although she didn’t commit her life to Him until years later.  She has been traveling ever since. Kwan has also been to Germany, Japan, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and the US (Florida and Wisconsin).
She graduated from a university in Bangkok with a Bachelor’s in German Literature. She speaks Thai, Swiss German and English. After graduating, she took an Administrative job at a church in Bangkok. She worked in the office and attended church there for 3 years. In 2010, she felt God calling her to Cambodia, but wasn’t sure why. All of her friends and family advised her not to go. God provided all of the finances, and she went anyways. She had connection with one missionary couple, but when she arrived at the Phnom Penh Airport they happened to be gone on a jungle trip. Instead, one of the boys at the orphanage came to pick her up. Again, through God’s divine appointment she got connected with Water of Life. There, Kwan met Chris, and the rest is history.

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