photoTime flies. It’s already been half a year. We have been living in the US for 6 months now. Looking back to the time in Thailand, I am so grateful for the time we had there. Even though, at that time, it was such a challenge financially, and we had been waiting for my immigrant visa for SO long. I would never ever take that back or want it any other way. Our 15 months in Chiang Mai was absolutely priceless. We both couldn’t commit to a full time job. We had no income for 15 months! We live literally by faith and faith alone. Chris sold a couple of iPhones, his electronic devices and camera. I doubted God, but God proved Himself faithful so many times. We had no reason not to trust God. We saw God’s hand and His provision over and over again. I don’t want to be anywhere, other than where God has us and I want to always, desperately need Him. God placed us where we had just God and each other. Many times I prayed, “God, You are all we have!” I am telling you, we had GOD, our Father in heaven, who is rich in love and owns all the treasure and wealth. I can’t tell you how many time He provided.

photo (2)We were living on a very tight budget. We set our budget to spend only 300 Baht or $10 on food a day (for 2 people). Thank God that food in Chiang Mai is awesome and cheap. Our apartment was only $110 a month! I was a little worried about moving to the US, since everything is SO MUCH MORE expensive. But, my husband keeps reminding me that God will lead us and provide for us just like He did in Thailand.

It was quite a culture shock to live in the US. I was freaking out because I am so used to eating off the street in SE Asia for less than a dollar a meal. I see how much people waste food, napkins, toilet paper, paper towels (We don’t use those in Asia very much or not at all)…well, literally EVERYTHING. I see how everything is so clean, convenience and comfortable, but yet I see very few satisfied with what they have. People seem to complain more and sue one another. The first night I got here I wanted to sleep on the bathroom floor because the rug is too fluffy and too soft to be stepped on in the bathroom. This is crazy!!!

The first paycheck we received…I looked, and I was in awe! We could live in Thailand for 4 months, since we lived on a dirt cheap budget. We cook a lot at home and try to make it a dollar a meal! We miss cheap awesome Thai food, fresh local fruit/vegetables and family.

I pray everyday that I would never forget where I am from. I would never forget my brothers and sisters in Christ who serve in Asia. I will continue to pray for them and do whatever the Holy Spirit prompts us to do. I pray that I would never get comfortable living here in luxury. If God calls us back, we will be ready to leave everything behind to go or do whatever He calls us to.

No matter what we have now, I feel more than ever before that I find everything I need in Jesus and only He can satisfy my soul, nothing else, not stuff or how much money we have.


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