Waiting Like Flowers

It’s hard to believe that we have been waiting for my visa for 10 months now. Part of me feels like time goes by so fast. There are times that I doubt and even think are we are wasting our time waiting here. My heart longs to be somewhere else, and I want to be able to plan our lives. I feel like we are floating around and don’t do anything much here and are not productive. But we learn so much to cling to God and each other. We learn to lean not on our own understanding. I would not trade this for anything else.

God has been so faithful, even when I am so faithless. I thank God for my wise husband. He always reminds me that we have to be all here! It’s true! We enjoy Thailand so much: food, people, friends, and family. One thing I enjoy the most is my husband’s companionship. I just can’t imagine waiting and doing any of this alone. We are so much stronger together. I praise God that He gave him as my partner. I am so blessed to have a God-fearing leader. We don’t know how much longer we have to wait. We know that we are where God wants us to be. He set us here.

We want to serve and exert in everything we do and strive to give God all the glory He deserves. We have an opportunity to serve at a small church called, The Light. Even we just do a very small thing. We are so happy to be able to use Chris’ graphic design and my translating gift to serve the church as a small body part. Lately, I have been thinking about when Jesus comes back…this wait will have be worth it. He doesn’t promise that this race will be easy or comfortable, but I know its gonna be worth it. I just know in my heart, whether we get the visa to go back to the US or not, it will be all worth it. We will learn here, grow here, right where God placed us just like a little flower that exerts to proclaim how great is the Creator. We too will exert for His glory.

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