Honest Questions

The temple guardian (yak)

Have you ever had to ask yourself:
Am I allowed to eat food offered to idols? How does God see it when your parents or teachers force you to bow to idols, but in your heart you are praising Him? How big is an angel of God? How much do they weigh? Can Jesus teleport?

Some of these questions may sound trivial or even silly to us, but many of the students here in Thailand have been asking these questions in all honesty. Being in such a different culture has been great in the sense that they think about things and process these concepts differently than us. At first, I wrote them off for asking questions like this, but when I realized that these are sincere concerns, I started to think about it more.

In Thailand, it is common to eat certain foods after they have been sacrificed. As Christians, they now have a legitimate concern about offering food.

Most kids are forced to bow to idols in the home and at school, daily. They may incur punishment or ridicule if they refuse. Taking on this new found faith they are now wondering if they must refuse to bow and face the consequences or submit to their authority with a pure heart.

Place of offering

The Thais believe in many spirits and ghosts. They believe in a large spirit that guards the temple. So, it’s understandable to want to know if the angels of God are bigger than the other spirits or not.

We say that Jesus was fully God, yet fully man. He really died and really rose. They want to know how Jesus physically got out of the tomb before the huge rock was moved.

These are just a few examples of how we have seen people coming to grips with the Truth claims of the Gospel here in Thailand.

Another place of offering

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