You Know You Are Turning Thai…

I’ve been living in Thailand for about 8 months now. It has taken some time to get used to the differences in our culture in the States and the Thai culture. Some of the differences are great, just as some of them are quite annoying. Overall, the experience has been great. I decided to put a list together of some things that were different or not normal to me before, but have become standard now. Our fellow western friends here in Thailand can probably appreciate this list and probably even add to it. Some of you may not get it or understand, feel free to ask questions!

Ways to know you are turning Thai:

1. You complain about the price of something even though it is still at least 75% cheaper than back home.
2. You stop 10-20 meters before a stop light just to wait in the shade for the light to turn green.
3. You opt for metric over imperial measurements.
4. You automatically pick up a spoon instead of a fork.
5. You start motioning for people to, “come here,” with your palm down and not up.
6. Seeing 4 or more people on a moto doesn’t even get a second glance anymore.
7. You look in ALL directions before turning onto a ONE WAY because you never know.
8. You have mastered the use of the “squat toilet.”
9. When going for a meal, a determining factor is: do they have free water and ice?
10. You start making Thai sounds like…ooooyyy, uh uh, oi.

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